Individual Therapy


I work with children, adolescents and adults to explore individual needs and struggles stemming from trauma, anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, grief and loss or questions around gender and sexual identification. In addition I have worked with many on the autism/Asperger's Spectrum.

Trauma Informed Care


I utilize a combined approach that utilizes cognitive behavioral work and somatic (body) work since trauma impacts the whole person, and unlocking the impact involved the whole person as well. In addition, I find that art/creative techniques help enhance the healing. Creative modalities can access deep, nonverbal aspects of our personality and woundedness and bring new insight and hope.

Family Therapy.


Every family, and each individual within a family bring tremendous strengths and abilities to the table. Unfortunately, there are times when life's difficulties can keep us focused on what is broken and harmful instead of the changes and growth that can happen when we focus on the strengths and possibilities. Family therapy can be hard work for each member, but can also be tremendously rewarding for all. I utilize family systems and solutions focused work, as well as play and arts based therapies to explore new possibilities and highlight hope.

Play Therapy


Play is the natural language of children. In play, one can find the metaphors and understanding needed to unlock fears, anxieties and traumas that cannot yet be expressed in the verbal and cognitive terms employed by adults. In addition to training in child directed play therapy, I have extensive training in Parent Child Interactive Therapy and in assisting parents in utilizing play with their children in their own daily lives to assist in healing and in extinguishing of negative behaviors.

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