New eBook for Teens and Preteens published 2019

Too often well-meaning people give you a few tools to help with your anxiety, but that’s it. Just a few random tools with no explanation of why they are helpful. This book lays out the anatomy and physiology of anxiety – the why and how of it. Mystery is great in books and movies, but unlocking some of the mystery of the brain can help us feel empowered.

Everyone has anxiety at some point or other. Due to brain development, and all the new things life brings your way when you are a teen or preteen, anxiety can happen a lot. It can be easy to get caught in an anxiety spiral, gradually becoming more anxious about the fact you are anxious until you feel completely trapped or flattened. Once you know why your body and brain are behaving in certain ways, it is much easier to figure out how and when to grab what tools, and why.

Get ready to find out why some types of deep breathing don’t help at all (while others really do), and many other tools, tips, metaphors, audio files and more.

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